Now is the PERFECT time to use our Off-Season Pool Inspection Service, And Avoid Problems in the spring.

Winter is tough on in-ground swimming pools. That's why we highly recommended an "Off-Season Pool Service," to help prevent possible problems with or damage to your tile, plaster, pool equipment and/or pool cover.


And fortunately, we offer the PERFECT low-cost off-season pool inspection service, which includes:

  • Inspect and adjust your safety cover.
  • Inspect and adjust water level as necessary.
  • Test and adjust alkalinity, hardness and pH.
  • Visually inspect pool equipment.


The total cost of this service is $195.00 plus tax, payable in advance via PayPal. (Note - If you want to pay by credit card, you can still do that through PayPal. Just click the button below.)



If unable to pay via PayPal or credit card, you can mail a check to 21 Ozick Drive, Durham, CT 06422. Be sure to note "Off Season Service" in the memo line.


As a reminder, our services are scheduled and delivered according to location. So please order and schedule your off-season service ASAP to ensure that you are covered when we service your area.


Thank you, and STAY WARM till Spring!

Kelley Sullivan
Service Coordinator
Pools By Murphy