Your backyard will go through a 10-step construction process to convert it from its current condition to the backyard of your dreams.


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  1. Excavation
  2. Steel construction
  3. Plumbing
  4. Gunite
  5. Tile & Coping
  6. Deck setup
  7. Utilities
  8. Deck installation
  9. Plaster / Marcite Interior
  10. Start-up / Pool School


Pre constructionStep 1


The first step in constructing your new pool is to paint an outline of your pool on the ground to match the layout you've chosen. Then we'll build the wooden forms for the excavation crew and other crews to follow as they remove the dirt and construct your pool.

Our excavation crews use the latest in earth-moving equipment. Some pool builders may use a Bobcat or other miniature dozer to excavate your pool. We find that our powerful track mounted machines are far more efficient and effective at getting the job done, especially if you run into an occasional boulder. That means that in most cases, (weather permitting, of course), our excavation process is completed the same day it begins.


Most of the dirt will be removed during the excavation. We usually keep a little bit of dirt on site for other phases of the construction. (If you would like any of this dirt reserved for landscaping purposes or some other uses, just let us know where and how much you desire.)


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Step 2


Steel forms

Next, our steel crew arrives with thousands of pounds of steel reinforcing bars (rebar), which they will use to form the rigid skeleton of your pool. It's amazing to watch our crews in action as they bend and shape this steel with skill and experience that reflects many years of performing this job on a daily basis.


You may notice block spacers under the steel. These help to hold the steel above the soil, so that it ends up being approximately in the middle of the gunite. This makes for the strongest possible shell for your pool. (Beware of pool builders who will put these spacers in place for the Inspector, but then remove them when they shoot the Gunite, so they can reuse them. This is not the time to pinch pennies!)

When the steel is complete, it may look like the steps are missing. Don't worry, these will be built when we shoot the Gunite.


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Step 3



Your pool is now ready to be plumbed with high-grade NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved "Schedule 40" PVC pipe, fittings and equipment. These make up the circulation system to your spa jets, to waterfalls, and/or to any other special items that you've chosen to customize your pool.


All pipe connections are solidly and permanently bonded with PVC cement. Then, the entire plumbing system is pressure tested to make sure there are no leaks. All plumbing work is performed by our in-house team of experts who have been plumbing our pools for more than 20 years.


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Step 4


Now comes the unique process of "shooting the Gunite" to form the hard concrete shell of your pool. Gunite is a mixture of sand and cement that is applied by an experienced team of craftsmen using specialized tools and a pair of custom Gunite trucks. They will skillfully shoot the gunite around your pool's steel reinforcement grid to form your pool.


PLUMBINGPools by Murphy is the only pool builder in Connecticut with their own on-site Gunite factory and Gunite trucks. In fact, over the years, many other pool builders in Connecticut have called on Pools by Murphy to provide the Gunite, the equipment and the expertise to shoot the Gunite for their pools. And we've been happy to provide those services.


With that kind of reputation, it's no wonder that every pool we build comes with a Full Lifetime Warranty!


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Step 5


Coping rock work

The next step in the construction process is the installation of a six inch wide band of acid-proof, double-fired pool tile. This tile is hand-laid and carefully grouted by our skilled craftsmen. If you have chosen the optional coping, it will be hand-laid and grouted on the "beam" (or wall top) of your pool by the same craftsmen that set the tile.


It's critically important that highly experienced craftsmen handle the tile work. Since water is always naturally level, any errors in the straightness or level of the tile will be instantly visible.


If you have chosen to add picturesque rocks, a rock waterfall or other natural rock features, those features will be added at this time as well.


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Step 6


Now that the Gunite is complete, it's time to form the framework for your deck. Soil will be spread around your pool as necessary, and an appropriate base will be laid for the deck material you have chosen.


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Step 7


Placing the equipment


Using National Electric Code approved conduit, wire and bonding, our licensed professional electrical contractor carefully makes all of the electrical connections for your pool. The lights are installed, the pumps are wired, and electrical breakers are installed.


Gas Lines/Propane Tank (Optional)

If your pool or spa package includes a heater, then it will need to be connected to your gas line or a propane tank, depending on your situation. Pools by Murphy can assist in recommending a qualified contractor for this step, but due to legal requirements, the gas and propane plumbing and connections must be handled by an outside contractor.

The installation of the gas line or propane tank can happen concurrently with other construction phases, so it need not hold up the construction process.



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Step 8


Deck installation

In this step, our decking crew will prepare for whichever type of deck you have chosen. Some of the more popular choices include


  • Kool-Deck (always cool & comfortable on the feet!)
  • Broom finished concrete
  • Decorative Stamped Concrete
  • Pavers (bricks, bluestone, tumbled travertine, etc.)


A 2" to 4" base of crushed "processed stone" and/or as much as 8" of stone dust and/or sand will be laid as appropriate for your soil and deck conditions. The overall process normally takes 1 to 3 days.


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Step 9


Interior surface (plaster)

Now -- the final step. In one day, a mixture of crushed marble and Portland cement will be hand toweled over the surface of your Gunite pool to produce a smooth finish. When the plaster crew finishes this process, your pool is complete! Just add water. Its time to swim!


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Time to enjoy your poolPOOL SCHOOL

Step 10


Proper chemical balance is very important for proper maintenance of your pool, so we will schedule a "Pool School" orientation for you and anyone else who wants to know how to operate the pool. And of course, if you ever have any questions about your pool, we're only a phone call away.


It's time to enjoy your new backyard oasis from Pools by Murphy! If you don't have your own backyard oasis, call us now!


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