Spring 2024 Opening Order Form


Opening service includes the following:


  • Remove and fold cover for your storage (If mesh type, please leave to air out for a few days)
  • Remove winter plugs and insert eyeball fittings
  • Assemble cartridges in filter
  • Inspect pump/filters/heater/valves, etc., and prep for season
  • Start circulation system
  • Add initial chemicals for start up
  • Light Vacuuming
  • Rinse light debris off deck


Base Price for Standard Opening: $495.00 (Plus Tax)



Please Remember To:

  • If you have chosen May 1st or later, please add liquid shock to your pool prior to opening OR call
    to schedule a pre opening service which includes circulating and treating the pool water.
  • Allow access to pool and equipment areas. Leave out cartridges, eyeballs, skimmer baskets, etc.
  • Make sure all power breakers located in your home are turned on for pool equipment.
  • If pool water clarity is poor, we will put in extra shock in place of light vacuuming. If you would like to have the pool vacuumed once water is clear, please call to schedule.
  • Work that is not included as a part of the pool opening will be completed only if the customer has a current credit card on file.
  • If additional work requires special equipment or extra personnel, it may require rescheduling to a later date.
  • If you are planning on having a Memorial Day party, we strongly suggest opening your pool within the first two weeks of May to ensure the pool is ready for the festivities
  • At the time of pool opening, the opening team will try to test fire your heater. Please assure the gas, if required, is available. Tanks should be at 30% minimum. If the team cannot start the heater for any reason, a heater specialist will be sent as soon as possible. In order for the heater specialist to be scheduled, a valid credit card must be on file.
  • Please be sure your pool cover is free of water and debris PRIOR to your scheduled time frame.
  • Please assure water level is half way up the pool tile for normal operation. If water level is below tile we will start system off main drain and be unable to vacuum. (no credit will be applied)
  • Chemicals added at opening are for initial startup only. Please allow your system to run for a day or two, then test and balance accordingly. If you are enrolled in our Weekly Maintenance Program, we will balance the chemicals at your first visit.